Revolution in a Heartbeat

How engaged are your employees, really? Companies talk about "employee engagement" and they accept its importance, yet strangely, they adopt out-dated methods when analysing and measuring this engagement. A leading engagement expert offers a new framework for taking the genuine pulse of a company - so that leaders and management can truly understand how their people are feeling, and know what actions to take that result in better performance. Based on making results instantly and transparently available, and then determining with employees the real factors that lie within their feelings, managers can more easily assess the way they need to approach an issue. If, as the cliche goes, "people are a company's greatest asset", then ensuring their close engagement is essential for any company. This book argues powerfully for a radical new approach to employee engagement, based on understanding the minds and emotions of the people who work in organizations.

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About The Author

Matt Stephens

Matt Stephens is a leading authority on the increasingly important organizational topics of employee engagement and experience. As founder of Heartbeat, a fast-growing consultancy, he is helping some of the UK’s largest businesses navigate change by better harnessing the skills and energy of their people.

In 2014, he launched a ground-breaking product also called Heartbeat, an app which enables organizations to measure employee emotion in real-time and is challenging traditional approaches to engagement by championing the importance of leaders making emotional connections with employees.

After graduating with a degree in Politics and International Relations Matt began his career working client-side in employee communications with Norwich Union before establishing himself as an independent consultant. Over the next decade he acted as a trusted advisor to a wide span of organizations ranging from corporates such as the insurer, RSA to the energy firm E.ON, before founding Heartbeat in January 2012, a consultancy supporting organizational leadership, culture and engagement. Heartbeat’s clients include Allied Irish Bank, Heineken, Nokia and Unilever.

Outside work Matt is a keen golfer, skier and supporter of the anti- child trafficking charity,, which he chairs. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three football mad sons.


How to really engage your employees and improve performance

● A new framework to truly understand your employees that will lead to better performance

● Employee engagement is one of the hottest topics in human resource management currently

● Written by a leading expert in employee engagement

● Contains an array of case studies and examples from real-life business and leading companies

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The Testimonials

David Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group and world’s #1thinker in human resources

“Revolution in a Heartbeat offers unique insights into the engagement process. Matt’s personal observations and experiences help us feel how he discovered the whys, whats, and hows of engagement. The book is an excellent narrative of not only how to experience, but to create engagement.”

David McLeoad, Co author of the ‘Engage for Success’ report to BIS in 2009 and Co- Founder of the Engage for Success Task Force Launched by the Prime Minister in 2011

“This book focuses on the central, but often overlooked, issue of how to understand the human being at the heart of any organization. If we understand our people and therefore the underpinning culture at work, then we understand the unseen hand that guides most of the behaviours and outputs, which in turn define success for the organization.”

Marcus Rich, Chief Executive Officer, TimeInc UK

“Heartbeat has positively contributed to helping Timeinc navigate our way through major change. Revolution in a Heartbeat captures some of the insights and learnings we gained from working with the team and app. I would encourage every CEO going through change to place a premium on regularly listening and understanding how their people feel not just what they think – something Heartbeat easily enables.”

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